Hops  gives the bitterness and aroma for the Beer.

Hops grown in different regions around the world especially in Germany, Czech Republic, England, USA,.

The hops comes in several configurations:




Cone Hops

Pellets 90 is the most popular  in the Israel .

Hopsteiner company is the world’s largest companies for the production of kosher hops worldwide.

Our hops imported directly from Hopsteiner so we guarantee quality and freshness.

our Company also export the hops all over the world .

The hops sold in packs of 5 kg in a wide range of varieties, including organic hops.

Here are a varieties that  we import & export, you can also get a quote also for verities that are not listed on the site.

תעודת כשרות – Koscher Zertifikat 2017

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